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Hi! I am Ashley Mattheis. I developed this program for UNC Humanities graduate students based on more than eight years of experience working in Research Development and funding for academic research with both faculty and postdocs at UNC Chapel Hill.

I cut my teeth in the research funding world at UNC’s Office of Research Development (ORD) where I had the privilege and pleasure of supporting many successful faculty projects ranging from individual grants and fellowships to large-scale multi, inter, and transdisciplinary research centers.  Currently, I consult for UNC’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, where I have the new pleasure of working with and learning from UNC Chapel Hill’s postdoctoral researchers. In the  office, I support the development and delivery of funding related programming.

As I am also a UNC Chapel Hill graduate student, I am interested in facilitating conversations between faculty and graduate students in the Humanities about sponsored research; a subject that can be fairly opaque in disciplines that tend to focus on publication outcomes. In addition, I acted as the Research Associate on the NEH Next Generation PhD Training Planning Grant through the Institute for the Arts and Humanities. A primary finding of the information gathering and programs associated with the grant was the strong desire for and needs of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Humanities graduate students around alternative research frameworks, methodologies, and outputs. The Beyond the Book program is a direct outgrowth of these experiences. It is my hope that the program will help graduate students explore their research interests and spur their focus on research development toward their continued professionalization.

Ashley Mattheis is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Communication at Carolina. She holds a B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies and an M.A. in Communication.